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Just after graduating as a lawyer from the university, I packed everything and decided to take a long, long vacation. I went to buy poppy pods to practice my second no-stressing passion: gardening. I traveled from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Long Beach, California. I made this trip by bus! This is the real way to make a coast to coast trip. When the bus arrived and made a stop in Jefferson City, Missouri I went to buy poppy pods.

One month after I started my gardening in a house I rented for only $150 dollars a month. I was visited by some DEA agents, being a lawyer I was intrigued. After some casual questions and making presentations they went straight to the point: where did you buy poppy pods? An agent with glasses asked. Why? I answered. The agent said looking at my eyes: “It is strange that being a lawyer… Did you not know that you can go to prison for gardening prohibited poppies? I suddenly felt afraid, but they were gently with me. I can tell you letter by letter a lot of law books, but what the DEA agent explained to me I can hardly remember, he gave me a paper with some information; I read it and it said something like this:

“Opium is the common name for the latex produced within the seed pods of the opium poppy flower, scientifically called Papaver somniferum. Through centuries of cultivation and breeding opium, the species Papaver somniferum evolved. Today, Papaver somniferum is the only species of Papaver used to produce opium. Opium contains morphine, codeine, noscapine, papaverine, and thebaine. All but thebaine are used clinically as analgesics to reduce pain without the risk of patients losing conscience. Thebaine has without question a dangerous psychoactive effect when used in high doses but is of great pharmaceutical value due to its use in the production of semi-synthetic opioid morphine analogues such as oxycodone, dihydromorphenone, and hydrocodone”.

The opium poppy generally flower after ninety days of growth and continues flowering for two to three weeks. The exposed flower blossom is at first crushed and crinkled, but the petals soon expand and become smooth in the sun. All opium poppy flowers have four petals. These beautiful petals may be single or double and may be white, pink, reddish purple, crimson red, or variegated, all of them look spectacular. The poppy petals last for two to four days and then drop to reveal a small, round, green fruit which continues to develop. These fruits or pods (also called seedpods, bulbs, or poppy heads) are oblate, elongated, or globular and mature to about a chicken size egg.

“If you decide to go to buy poppy pods, just be careful you buy the right ones”. This advice comes from a lawyer.