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Buy poppy flower

When you need to buy poppy flower, go to the right place in the Internet and get it at awesome low prices. Imported poppy isnít as hard to get as you may think, but it may be convenient for you to have your personal storage of these beauties, since opium poppy (scientifically known as Papaver Somniferum Linnaeus) has just an annual harvesting.

Growing favorably in cool weather, it flowers only once a year, and thatís why its price often fluctuates through seasons.

Famous for its aesthetical and pharmaceutical likenesses, itís though to tell virtue from vice when talking about poppies. Most poppy farms nationwide claim to be growing only the opium-free varieties of the plant, but itís a commonly known fact that they are also planting the narcotic delivering species in a small but profitable amount.

However, poppy seeds, full grown plants, dried pods and even heroin itself are mainly imports, coming from overseas locations such as Afghanistan, Turkey, China, south Asian countries, India, Thailand, Laos, Bulgaria and a few European and Latin American countries. Grown for its medicinal qualities in Australia and Japan, the opium poppy is always in the thin gray line that divides its legal, medical purposes from the illegal and risky ones.

See, opium poppy production is outlawed in most Western countries, as is its traffic, storage, distribution, ownership, transporting and use. Because the chemical procedures to turn it into potent heroin are relatively simple and largely known, itís also been deemed illegal the possession of specialized lab equipment, communication devices, national and foreign currency, weapons and even suspiciously expensive jewelry if itís found in addition to the poppies themselves.

So there you have it, to buy poppy flower is a guilty pleasure. In fact, youíre more likely to find poppy seeds and dried pods for sale than the plant itself. Some bakers add poppy seeds to their bread, but thatís the legal, lesser kind of poppy, the one that has too few or no opiate alkaloids whatsoever in its biochemical constituents.

But, if you want the real deal, you may look for it and find even the rarest kinds of poppy specimens and even new, hybrid seed varieties, like the exotic Papaver Gigantiferum, a mix of Maximum and Gigantiferum genes, sold online for US $25 per gram.

The average or beginning buyer usually sticks to a favorite, inexpensive kind, like the Indian White, available for US $50 each 50 grams package. In the middle, youíll be able to find seeds like the Persian White and its hybrids for US $5 each 3.5 grams, or the Hungarian Queen for US $10 a 3.5 grams pack, or the aforementioned Maximum variety for US $20 a 3.5 pack.