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Buy giganthemum dried poppies

Turns out size does matter! Buy Giganthemum dried poppies, the biggest poppy seed pod in existence. Large, thick shelled, beautiful enough to be spectacularly ornamental, this poppy’s got it all. And now you can order it and have all that makes it so special brought to your town. Its enormous pods measure up to 7.5 centimeters in their oval shaped diameter, and growing plants from the seeds inside them is easy. Pods are tan colored, some bright and some darker, and are strongly protected in their thick, dry shells.

When sold for ornamental purposes, pods are drilled at the top, to have their seeds removed form them. But when they’re sold to be grown, Giganthemum poppy pods contain a vast supply of seeds, enough to have at least a thousand plants grown from each pod a year after they’re planted. Of course, the size of their flowers is also huge, with large red petals around a dark center, very appreciated by gardeners and florists for its beauty, though it’s still a rare flower.

The extracts obtained from the Papaver Somniferum are mainly alkaloids, like morphine and codeine, but its seed is also a very energetic complement to dishes like cookies, some Japanese oils and food condiments, or a number of Asian meals. Also, in rituals and ceremonies of several cultures around the globe it’s still a long time tradition to consume seeds, teas and poppies in other ways for religious and cultural purposes. Its cultural value is somewhat reinforced by the idea of poppies as spiritual aids to open channels and portals to mysterious and sublime states of mind, taking the plant to the special classification of it as an “ethno botanical” product. Along marijuana weed and certain hallucinogen fungus, the opium poppy is one of the most famed “sacred” herbs and plants of the modern shamanic cults, where spirituality is a chemical thing, as is the magic that’s supposed to allow people into a renewed connection to nature’s ways to ultimate spiritual journey and a guide to a primal, truer happiness in the inner world of profound human experiences.

Anyway, to buy Giganthemum dried poppies, you may order a case containing a hundred beautiful pods with a 1.5 foot stem each, for US $375. Very impressive as a visual aid and a favorite of decorators, this exquisite flower is an ornamental delight, simple in all its elegance but so classy in all its natural presence. However, if you prefer to grow a crop of your own of this gorgeous plants in your garden, just remember that there are opium poppies and non opium ones for sale online, so you better be sure to buy the ones you’re interested in.