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Buy fresh papaver somniferum

The current international market for opium poppies is blossoming, no pun intended. Right now, you can buy fresh Papaver Somniferum and enjoy its world famous pleasures. The most potent, alkaloid rich varieties of poppy pods and seeds from all over the world are available for you, just a click away. Seize the opportunity now, and have your personal stock full, for it may become scarce sooner or later, due to the wars in the Middle East.

Despite having a full scale program to stop and prevent opium trade, the United States military was not being successful in fighting poppy cultivation in the main producing countries, like Afghanistan. Having its hands full with the current war on terrorism, the American army has set its sights in the underground network of opium producers and traffickers that are actually keeping rebel troops financially active. In fact, the American congress is scheduled to approve $750 million just for the continued combat against drug dealers in Afghan soil. One of the counter measures proposed by the armyís specialists consists of having the poppy fields sprayed from airborne vehicles with a chemical bath capable of killing the plants and destroying the pods before they can be turned into narcotics.

Thus, it would be wise for you to be cautious and order now a reasonable amount of your chosen poppy pods. Every passing day, youíre missing out. Find dozens of high quality products, hundreds of rare varieties, and the best prices. Log on, search for your preferred flower kind, buy fresh Papaver Somniferum, and walk away a satisfied costumer. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Even in these times, buyers worldwide can enjoy the consistently good joys of opium poppy thanks to a firmly established independent market.

Have the best poppy products brought to you, some of which are only available at online stores, grown in Western Asia, Southwestern Europe and countries blessed with dry soil, high altitudes and a fertile environment. Get hooked by some of the most popular types of this herbal extract, like the Egyptian opium, Persian opium, Chinese opium, India opium and Turkey opium, by buying it fresh and giving it a worthy try. Some of the 400 species of poppy are biannual, not annual like the majority of poppies, and is therefore a bit harder to find. The current products are carefully grown and tailored to enhance what makes opium poppies best: an excellent narcotic. One of the most sought after varieties, the Super Giganthemum poppy, is the result of human genetic manipulation looking for the best characteristics to be present in a poppy. Furthermore, new mixes are being developed today to make sure costumers donít get disappointed when buying their share of poppies.